Super (Mario) Cake

Uploaded 7 years ago by alt text
This cake was entirely edible except for the Mario and Princess on top. It even tasted good. It was seriously the coolest wedding cake I have ever seen. I actually have more photos I have taken - some more detailed shots taken with a friend's D70s. I will post a link to them when I (or he) gets them online. Some more detail will be given at my site, Alt Text when I get more info on the bakery, etc.

UPDATE: More from the Groom's blog.

I have entered this photo in the Joystiq Gears of War Book contest and plan to give the prize (should I win) to Brent and Annette the bride and groom. The winner will be the person who uploads "the niftiest photo of foodstuffs crafted to look like something from the world of video games" to flickr and tags the image with "joystiqfood". How can this not win?
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