Nareen Spongebob Cake

Uploaded 8 years ago by angegreene
Made a cake for a friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. I hope they like it!!

It’ 2 11x15 cakes side by side (so 11x30). One cake is triple chocolate fudge.

The other is fudge marble. There will be lots of kids and adults tomorrow at this party. Yikes!! Hope the cake taste good!!!

Used buttercream icing to iced the cake and for decorations (Spongebob, gifts, and writings). Also used royal icing (w/c hardens for bow, jelly fish, gift and coral on cake). I ended up drawing Spongebob freehand. My pattern transfer did not work and I was stressing out on the drawing. But, as Robert said it all worked out and looks great!!
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