Megan's Princess Castle

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Yummy chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling (the hill is made of this)

The castle is made of chocolate rice crispie cake! the theory being it would be lightweight .. in practice - in the heat we have been experiencing it hasn't been much fun trying to keep the darn thing upright!
the rice crispie bit was inspired by : Krazy Kake Bakers :

I wrote this in an email to Kavingate, but thought it was chuckle worthy enough to share with everone else!...had to perform some serious underpinning of said construction this morning! After another humid night (it was 24 degrees Celsius & thunder and lightening storms) the castle began to show signs of serious subsidence - it resembled the leaning tower of Pisa.

Following a structural survey, it was decided that Major construction works were required.

The roof had to be lifted and an internal pitprop (aka wooden {food grade} squewer) has now been thrust though the heart of the tower, providing much needed structural support in these prevailing weather conditions.

The roof has been re-designed (but not before I had the opportunity to take photos of the old roof for perverted posterity and general hilarity!) and re felted to look slightly less like a phallus! (I was too late when I realised that the tall pink marbled tower and its dome like... purple roof ....looked like a...... well, anyway it now has a point roof!).

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