Kath's 60th Birthday Barge!

Uploaded 6 years ago by the-icing-on-the-cake. (Jo)
Kath lives on a narrow boat - her boat is Navy blue but rather plain in its decor - so I went to town on the decor of this one!

Well, I spent all day boxing day decorating this cake for DH's boss!. (whilst watching and singing along to sing-a-long Mamma Mia ... 3 times! - I have to swoon at the bit where Colin Firth smiles before he sings 'I can still recall our last summer'.... yes I know I am very very sad!)

My attempt at a cake in the shape of a narrow boat - I agree it looks more like a short and fat boat than a narrow boat - something that my darling Hubby informed me of also, to which I replied (through gritted teeth!) "I agree, it is a little short and dumpy - but its an artistic representation - not a bloody scale model!".
..... with that DH was saved by the bell as a friend popped by to share a mince pie or two with us, as he entered the kitchen,Richard (our visiting friend) commented that my Narrow boat was more of a wide short boat .... needless to say, Richard got cast the same glare as the hubby had received moments earlier ...

... both soon retreated to the relative safety of the lounge very soon after that!.
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